A property manager will bring experience, access to legal advice, and knowledge about state, county and local laws and regulations. There is a good of time involved per property involving tenant interactions, maintenance, repair and upkeep and more. A property manager can actually save you time and money by handling these responsibilities for you.

Collection of rent and lease enforcement are only the beginning of a property managers duties. Hiring contractors, overseeing maintenance and repair jobs, tenant screening, property marketing and upkeep are also the responsibilities of a property manager.

Property Management San Diego provides long term experience as certified Realtors and Brokers. We provide professional and courteous services for every aspect of property management. Outstanding customer service is our objective and we want to provide a smooth process for both tenants and owners.
You are responsible for the leasing of your property(s), however, we will make sure we understand the conditions of your lease and suggest tenant requirements. In regards to finding and investing in new rental properties- I’m sorry, but that is not part of our obligation.

Tenants must pass a background check, criminal history check, and have a good credit report. We also check to see if they are a registered sex offender. We investigate their past rental history to make sure they have no behaviors that involve previous evictions, and use / alteration of house or property for prohibited activity. We also communicate directly with the potential tenant to discern their character, so as to determine if the property would be a good fit.

If the tenant has been a good tenant, we will first contact them to inquire about the issue. In many cases, it is a temporary issue that can be resolved quickly. Neither the tenant, nor the landlord enjoys the eviction process. With our experience and judgment, we can handle the problem in the most efficient way possible. If necessary, we will take further steps to enforce the rental contract.

Problem tenants may require a more strict enforcement. A rental contract makes the best attempt to cover all the bases. That could include noise, parties, apartment condition, neighbor complaints, illegal activities, visitors, pets and more. As with rent payments, we first contact the tenants and go over the contract terms with them, reminding them that these terms are enforceable regulations and need to be followed. If the tenants continue to violate these terms, then we will take further steps.

The localities we cover are […].

We are very familiar with them as licensed Realtors for over 30 years in these areas. We know the statistics, trends, rates, and neighborhood conditions of the localities and counties we cover.

No. Currently we do not support processing of rental payments or online accounts. But stay tuned! This is something we may add in the future.

Yes. We will provide you with monthly reports for tenant rent & activity, as well as any services or maintenance that the property requires.

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