Property Management involves much more than cutting lawns and collecting rent. Read through our Services below to understand all the responsibilities of a Property Manager, and how Property Management San Diego is your best choice to provide you with professional services.

San Diego Professional Property Care

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You are our #1 Priority

We understand that your time is valuable and your needs require a prompt response. We are here to serve you.

Property Management San Diego County is committed to exceeding expectations and ensuring your satisfaction. We are professional property managers with years of hands-on experience for properties and rentals large and small.


Extensive Marketing & Advertising

We have a professional and comprehensive set of marketing tools and techniques to locate great tenants for your rental property.

Marketing tools and techniques can be used to communicate the value of your property and result in renting your home to high quality tenants. Our methods come from years of experience in Real Estate and Professional Property Care.


Complete Tenant Screening

Renting a property should not have to be an unpleasant process. We have a complete tenant screening process that will cover all the bases and find you the best tenant.

Property Management of San Diego County will interview and screen tenants with a tried and true interview process, background checks, and rental references and history.


Prompt Rent Collection

We will provide you with a stable, scheduled rent collection process, and you will be paid on time.

We will collect the rent according to a preset schedule that you establish. We make sure everything is transparent, so you will have all the information. Records of payment will be provided and you will be paid fast and efficiently.


Recurrent Property Inspections

Recurrent inspections of the rental property will make sure that your property remains in good condition.

Every house, yard and additional structures require a different set of conditions. We’ve seen them all and can provide an inspection that includes everything needed to keep your house and your tenants safe.


Competent Efficient Maintenance Services

Professional and efficient maintenance services, repair requests and home health monitoring.

It’s a given that things break down over time. General use failures are by far the most common. Whether it is a major utility, or a small touch up we can find and schedule the best, most efficient and budget conscious resources for your needs.


Fast Eviction Services

There is always the possibility of a bad tenant. We help with the eviction, and offer any legal guidance.

We try for the most humane solution first in the attempt to make the process as trouble-free as possible. If that should fail, we can guide you through the next steps as needed.


Record Keeping & Reports

You’ll want to have accurate information as to the time, amount and stability of your tenants payments.

We keep accurate reports and will provide them to you at payment time. These reports will always be available and you can request them at any time.

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